Aug 29, 2022 • 14M

How to recognize and seize an opportunity before it goes away

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Christian Ray Flores
Christian Ray Flores explores transformative Ideas and practices leading to outsized impact. Your head-space today will be your life-space tomorrow. Hosted by Christian Ray Flores
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I believe a genius is not a person. A genius is when The Spirit serves up an opportunity way beyond our natural capabilities that simply goes away if we don’t recognize it and seize it. In this video episode of Headspace, I share the principles I use to recognize it and how I make sure I’m not acting on impulse. I also share four short real stories to illustrate the fantastic benefits of making the jump. The Greeks did not call people genius. A genius was a spirit. I call it The Spirit. How to recognize a moment of genius and differentiate it from impulsive behavior. It feels inspired. “where did this come from”? It’s scary - as in I don’t want to do it. What if I fail. What if I succeed. It demands immediate action. You HAVE to jump. How to seize a moment of genius and not fall into the trap of impulse you’ll regret? Does it harmonize with your deepest desires and highest master plan? Does it require courage and strategy? - Not what is convenient, safe, tactical. Can you deal with the worst that can happen? If you think through the fear. Does it resonate with your inner circle of trusted advisors, coaches, mentors, and spouses? I share four stories that illustrate these principles have helped me catch lightning in a bottle time and time again. Useful Links: Say hi to me on social: #christianrayflores #headspace #thirddrive