Aug 29, 2022 • 29M

My life story: from refugee to pop star, evangelist, investor and entrepreneur

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Christian Ray Flores
Christian Ray Flores explores transformative Ideas and practices leading to outsized impact. Your head-space today will be your life-space tomorrow. Hosted by Christian Ray Flores
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My life story: from refugee to pop star, evangelist, investor, and entrepreneur This is a longer episode of Headspace shedding more light on my life story and hopefully on the reasons behind why I do what I do. Most weeks, the Headspace newsletter drops on Friday mid-morning. This one is a few days late because I planned to devote one video episode to telling my life journey in under 30 minutes. It took me longer primarily because it made me feel emotionally raw and conflicted. Sharing my pain feels, well, painful. Sharing my sin feels shameful. Sharing my victories feels like I’m bragging. Sharing my faith feels preachy. Sharing my heart for the poor feel self-righteous. On the other hand, the treasure of what I’ve received on this journey is too precious not to share and too powerful not to help others with. Resistance is very real, and authenticity takes courage. One of my ways to deal with this inevitable anxious wave is to press on and do the work, knowing that someone out there will find it helpful. Here it is, my life story in under 30 minutes. If any of it adds value, help me in my anxious moment, and let me know in the comments section here or on the video itself. Useful Links: Say hi to me on social: #christianrayflores #headspace #thirddrive