Christian Ray Flores

Refugee  🇺🇳Entertainer 🎤 Producer 🎬 Evangelist 📖 Entrepreneur 📈 Investor 💸 Marketer 🚀 Coach.

Chile 🇨🇱 Germany 🇩🇪 Russia 🇷🇺 Mozambique 🇲🇿Ukraine 🇺🇦USA 🇺🇸

Husband to Deb, father to Diana, Violetta, Isabella

I write about how to live and exponential life.

You may be interested in these resources. My coaching program Xponential Life. My company - Third Drive Media, YouTube Channel - YouTube Channel , Philanthropy - Ascend Mission Fund


Education: Master’s in Economics | RUDN in Moscow, Russia

Languages: Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, English

Origin Story: I grew up in Russia, Chile, Germany, and Mozambique. Live in Austin, TX

Family: Married to Deb De Flores, father to Diana, Violetta, and Isabella.

Faith: Christian

Politics: Neither The Left nor The Right. Rather - Up

Career: Recording Artist, Evangelist, Media Producer, Entrepreneur, Investor, Coach

Fun Facts

  • My first childhood memories are from a UN refugee camp in Chile

  • I witnessed a military coup in Chile, a civil war in Mozambique, and the fall of the USSR. Civil unrest seems to follow me around

  • I learned four languages by age 9

  • Entertained millions as a pop star in Russia in the 90s - early 2000s

  • I campaigned for Boris Yeltsin against the Communists in Russia

  • I love Jesus

  • Impact investing is a passion. We’re doing our part through Ascend Academy and other projects

  • I keep the Sabbath

  • I’m not political, but I speak against the evils of cultural Marxism - as I have both experienced it firsthand and studied Marx as an economist. It is evil. Period.

  • I still write and record music every once in a while

  • I emailed my wife every day until she moved from LA to Moscow. We have 300 printed emails in a wooden box. We read some of them on our anniversary

  • We had around 1800 people at our wedding

  • We homeschooled 2 out of 3 of our kids and did not ruin them

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Christian Ray Flores on living exponentially


Refugee  🇺🇳Entertainer 🎤 Producer 🎬 Evangelist 📖 Entrepreneur 📈 Investor 💸 Marketer 🚀 I write about living Xponentially in Career and Calling