What you should know and what you could do
I grew up and studied in the USSR - this is my take on the cultural erosion of the West by Marxist ideology
How do we overcome trauma and transcend it? How do we transform suffering into service to others and transform from victim to victor? I believe it is…
When I live the Sabbath well, I live all seven days well.
Who will we be and what will we do in a generation defining moment?
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The Italians have a term dolce far niente which translates roughly as the sweetness of doing nothing. I wonder if this appreciation for rest is what is…
...and watch it dissipate fast
It may be different with you; I tend to gravitate towards existential anxiety during the holidays. I think it has something to do with a break in the…
Strengths and weaknesses that make them or break them
Stories from our trip with the Ukraine Relief Network